Center Staff

Center Director

Mary Geoghegan

(305) 620-3106

Oversees the daily operations of Miami Job Corps Center including staff and students.

Director of Administration

Robert Brewster

(305) 620-3124

Oversees operations for administration and support services.

Career Readiness Manager/Business Community Liaison

Lori Trujillo

(305) 620-3125

Serves as liaison between the center and the media, government, business and community at-large. Establishes and promotes business and community partnerships that create employment opportunities for the students.

Programs Director

Larthenia Howard

(305) 620-3153

Responsible for oversight of career technical training, academics and counseling departments.

Social Development Director

(305) 620-3104

Responsible for the following: Residential Living, Recreation, and Student Government.

Wellness Manager

(305) 620-3126

Promotes, teaches, and enforces healthy living choices. Oversees professional and support staff.

Human Resources Manager

(305) 620-3114

Hires and trains all staff members as well as ensures that all staff members adhere to Job Corps policies and procedures.

Safety/Security Supervisor

David Staples

(305) 620-3118

Responsible for the safety and security of the students, staff, and facility at-large.

Student Personnel Officer

Michael Oyefesobi

(305) 620-3157

Responsible for enforcing all center policies and procedures.

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Page last updated: Monday, May 18, 2015